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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conquer?


Conquer is a mobile app that lets users create and find local pickup games on a moment’s notice. We serve as a sports marketplace that allows organizations such as gyms, sports facilities, and leagues to post games, events, and rentals. Our mission is to make sports accessible to everyone, regardless of work schedule, network, or wealth.


Can I use Conquer anywhere in the US?


Conquer was built to give control to the pickup sports player, no matter the network, wealth, time, or location. Anyone in the US or Internationally can use Conquer to play pickup sports near them.


What sports can I play on Conquer?


Conquer currently offers the ability to create games for Basketball, Bowling, Climbing, Cricket, Football, Frisbee, Golf, Hiking, Lacrosse, Soccer, Spikeball, Tennis, Volleyball, Weightlifting, and Yoga. We will be adding more sports as players want them, no matter the activity. Feel free to contact us if there are sports you’d like us to add.


How do I create a game on Conquer?


Any player can create a game using the “Create a Game” button on the homepage or using the “+” button on the search games page. When creating a game, choose a game name, location, sport, date & time, provide a description, and choose the competition level, and privacy level. Finally, set the capacity for the game. Once created, your public game will be visible to anyone near you from the homepage. Don’t forget to invite your friends! You can also post your game link on other platforms or text it to group chats using the share button.


How do I charge money for my Conquer game?


Partner with Conquer to become a verified Commissioner. Head to on your desktop to create and connect your Stripe account for payment collection. We will give your Conquer account the ability to post paid games. 


What should I do if there are no games around me?


If there are currently no games, you can always host one yourself! By creating a game in your community, you will be providing an opportunity to get out and play for not only yourself but other users just like you.


How do I add more friends on the Conquer app?


By linking your contacts you can invite friends to the app. You can also add players already on the Conquer app as friends by clicking the “search” button on the home page and typing in the user's name or username.


How can I increase the presence of Conquer in my city?


From the homepage, clicking on the top card will bring you to our link tree which includes our city expansion questionnaire. Here you can explain why you are passionate about expanding to your city as well as schedule a time to speak with a member of the Conquer team to go over the logistics. 


What happens if no one shows up to a game that I hosted?


If the general Conquer network doesn’t fill your game, it's likely our app has not spread to your city quite yet. You can invite your friends to the app and start to spread the word. Additionally, you can partner with us to host paid games. You can post paid games on Conquer and begin to make money as you expand the Conquer sports network in your area. If you are interested in that please visit or email


How does the Conquer Leaderboard work?


The Conquer Leaderboard is a way to compare yourself to your friends, as well as those across the Conquer community. By just getting outside and attending events, you will be able to climb the ranks and become a public figure for the community to see! Players at the top of the leaderboard win awesome prizes.


Why should I use the Conquer app instead of my group chat?


Whatsapp groups, GroupMes, and text chats are limited by the members in them. Post on Conquer to find new competition, add new players to your game, and get ranked on the Conquer leaderboard. 

In what locations does Conquer currently operate?


Currently, there are weekly pickup soccer and basketball games in NYC, NJ, and California. If you or anyone in your network is looking for pickup games in NYC, NJ, or California, tell them to download the Conquer app.

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