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The Leaderboard

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Players compete for MVP votes in competitive games. Upon completion of their game, players will be prompted to cast 3 MVP votes for the game's top players. Players cast their votes by pressing the red-badged crown in the top left of the leaderboard tab 2 hours after their game's start time. Conquer players are given a rank for each sport they play. Ranks update every 24 hours.

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Post your existing pickup games to Conquer to find more players, challenge friends, improve your rank, and compete for prizes. With our proprietary algorithm, we award points based on how many votes you get. MVP votes have a greater effect with larger games or for players who are competing against higher-ranked players.

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Get paid to play pick-up. All summer long we will be dishing out cash, crypto, merch, and invites to exclusive events to our top-ranked players. For every player added to the platform, the value of these prizes will increase. Invite your friends to Conquer and prove you're not washed. Grow the Community and grow the Prize Pot. 

Tips to Rank Up Faster:
+ Add a recognizable profile picture so players know for whom to vote
+ Play more pick-up and post your games to Conquer
+ Invite friends to the platform for leaderboard boosts
Add friends to easily invite them to games and follow their leaderboard spot