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Why Conquer?

Conquer's mission is to make sports accessible to everyone. We are focused on leveraging technology and data to optimally connect athletes.

Conquer caters to athletes of all skill levels who may not otherwise have the time flexibility, player network, venue, and/or disposable income to play. 

Conquer App Mission


The Conquer app elicits group competition, but the best competitors are constantly competing with themselves. Use our app to show yourself what you are capable of and to constantly improve and perform at your highest level. Work for the top spot in your respective sport, where you will be known and revered in your city.


All events on our app require multiple participants. Join and create games with a friend or meet others while playing. Conquer events are designed for those looking to compete and improve. Work with other members of the Conquer. community to improve skill and work ethic.

Conquer App Mission
Conquer App Mission


We firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance to conquer, even if the path comes with obstacles. Conquer is proud to partner with youth groups and non-profits to allow people to play sports for free.

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